This piece addresses the concept of weirdness in architectural discourse today.

  • “…it means that they are not conforming […], it also means that we have collectively agreed […] on normal.”

  • “…that’s primarily tied to […] pleasurable, […] strangeness is.”

  • “Weird is that which […] alters reality or realism.”

  • “… if the weird […] disappear because it didn’t have enough resonance, or if the weird has so much resonance, it will become the center of a new course.”

  • “Maybe there is a desire for the mysterious worlds of fairy tale.”



Griffin Ofiesh

Issue Editors

Joseph Bedford and Curt Gambetta

Senior Editors

Joseph Bedford and Curt Gambetta


Hans Tursack, Yshai Yudekovitz and Paul Ruppert.


Trudy Watt


Joseph Bedford, Curt Gambetta, Mark Acciari, Joanna Grant, and Kevin Pazik.


Andrew Atwood, Laurel Broughton, Tomas Klassnik, Andrew Kovacs, Jimenez Lai, Michael Loverich, Anna Neimark, James Tate and Elly Ward.