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Jacques Rancière: How does Architecture Distribute the Sensible?

Philosopher Jacques Rancière will debate his philosophy of equality, aesthetics, dissensus and the question of how architecture “distributes the sensible” with four architectural theorists: Peggy Deamer, Anthony Vidler, Michael Young and Joan Ockman.

Chantal Mouffe: How is Architecture Political?

Political Theorist Chantal Mouffe's agonistic theory of politics is discussed by four architectural thinkers: Pier Vittorio Aureli, Reinhold Martin, Ines Weizman and Sarah Whiting.

Graham Harman: Is there an Object-oriented Architecture?

Philosopher Graham Harman’s radical reading of Heidegger is discussed by six eminent architectural thinkers. Harman is joined by Peter Carl, Jonathan Hale, Lorens Holm, Patrick Lynch, Peg Rawes and Adam Sharr