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Rome Teaching Workshop 2022

The AE Rome Teaching Fellows for Summer 2022 are:
Michael Osman (University of California, Los Angeles)
Roberto Daminiani (University of Toronto)
Vanessa Grossman (Delft University)
Anna Neimark (Sci Arc)
Irina Davidovici (ETH, Zurich)

The Rome Teaching Workshop 2022 will bring together a cohort of five teaching fellows to Rome for 3-4 days each between in May and June 2022,...

Rome Teaching Workshop 2019

The 2019 Rome Teaching Workshop addressed the parallelism and intersection between two historical phenomena that became mainstream in the years between 1978 and 2008; postmodernism and neoliberalism. Teaching Fellows and respondents presented lectures on and debated a range of from the pre-history of postmodernism in late 19th century historicism; to the turn from political activism to theory in 1968; to the...

Theory’s Curriculum Italy Workshop 2018

This workshop, seeks to address the problems of teaching theory today and the need to revise the existing model of “Introduction to Architectural Theory” survey courses. The existing model for such courses typically read the treatises, enlightenment essays, modernist manifestoes, critical theory and French theory, addressing topics such as architectural mimesis; the body-building analogy; customary and natural beauty; honesty to materials,...

Imagining Architecture Beyond the End Times Workshop 2015

At the turn of the last century western society was confident about both moral and material progress: slavery had been abolished; women had achieved suffrage; and power (electricity), mobility (cars/jets), and communications (telephone/television) were transforming the world. In contrast, the turn of the new millennium is a time of anxious malaise as society appears locked in destructive fantasies: the fantasy that...

Architecture After Politics Workshop 2014

Do we now live in an age after politics, in the sense of a post-political age of reflexive modernity, after left and right, after ideology, after history, in an end state of bio-politics, sub-politics, and techno-politics? Or, with the unleashing of new wars, with a new consciousness of unprecedented inequality, of capitalism in crisis, of the planet in crisis, are we...