This piece addresses the term idea and practice of collecting as a current trope within architectural culture.

  • “That would be this kind of thing of archive of affinities, where it’s sort of going through a number of things and collecting […] floor plans, elevations, sections but also images of buildings.”

  • “…in the Welcome Companions Project, […] that’s a place where there is a very literalness of the idea of the collection, not so much  a collection as you’re pulling from outside, but more of […]I am producing a collection of stuff…”

  • “…cabinet of curiosities, there is an […] interesting idea about collecting strange things […] and then working with those collections and integrating them into the architecture…”

  • “One of the things that I think was important in that […] collection are the different scales of collecting and the relationships between those different things.”

  • “It’s a kind of working collection of things very much that I happen upon, and the things that I happen to be interested in are the verosity of which I’m documenting things changes over time.”

  • “I’ll go to a place where there’s a lot of books, known as a library or a used book store […] and I will just pick up books that I haven’t seen before or that maybe I’ve seen […] the name before and you know it’ll be sort of as many as you can carry at once, and […] I will flip through them, looking for things I appreciate or like.”



Griffin Ofiesh

Issue Editors

Joseph Bedford and Curt Gambetta

Senior Editors

Joseph Bedford and Curt Gambetta


Hans Tursack, Yshai Yudekovitz and Paul Ruppert.


Trudy Watt


Joseph Bedford, Curt Gambetta, Mark Acciari, Joanna Grant, and Kevin Pazik.


Andrew Atwood, Laurel Broughton, Tomas Klassnik, Andrew Kovacs, Jimenez Lai, Michael Loverich, Anna Neimark, James Tate and Elly Ward.