This piece addresses the concept of figuration in architectural discourse today.

  • “…that word is used in so many different ways and in opposition to so many different things…”

  • “Pareidolia is […] a human quality, where we are tend to recognize faces and bodies than inanimate objects…”

  • “…we have a very different relationship to curves and figures today than we did before digital tools…”

  • “…the figure actually operates in a […] macro-view…”

  • “…figure […] deals […] with this interest in the legibility of something and how one can […] have certain things where the figure produces a […] legibility that gives someone access into the project…”

  • “…expressive forms of building feel more like explorations of ornament…”



Griffin Ofiesh

Issue Editors

Joseph Bedford and Curt Gambetta

Senior Editors

Joseph Bedford and Curt Gambetta


Hans Tursack, Yshai Yudekovitz and Paul Ruppert.


Trudy Watt


Joseph Bedford, Curt Gambetta, Mark Acciari, Joanna Grant, and Kevin Pazik.


Andrew Atwood, Laurel Broughton, Tomas Klassnik, Andrew Kovacs, Jimenez Lai, Michael Loverich, Anna Neimark, James Tate and Elly Ward.