This piece addresses the concept and practice of composition in architectural design. Formerly dominant in Beaux-Arts education and somewhat taboo in functionalist modern architecture, composition was a key feature of postmodern architectural discourse and has returned to prominence in recent years in the work of many young architects.

  • “[…] everything is about composition, […] essentially, it’s like make or break, […] it’s how you put a piece of work together, it’s how you make something beautiful.”

  • “[…] one plus any number of additional parts still make a legible whole.”

  • “[…] a method of working that isolates or […] brackets off spatial issues or perceptual issues related to the way in which someone imagines a […] totalalizing experience inside of a building…”

  • “…it’s not about how, […] it’s just about harmony…”

  • “…bel composto, which is […] the merging of painting, […] sculpture and architecture…”

  • “…there’s an […] inherent aspect of composition…”



Griffin Ofiesh

Issue Editors

Joseph Bedford and Curt Gambetta

Senior Editors

Joseph Bedford and Curt Gambetta


Hans Tursack, Yshai Yudekovitz and Paul Ruppert


Trudy Watt


Joseph Bedford, Curt Gambetta, Mark Acciari, Joanna Grant, and Kevin Pazik


Andrew Atwood, Laurel Broughton, Tomas Klassnik, Andrew Kovacs, Jimenez Lai, Michael Loverich, Anna Neimark, James Tate and Elly Ward