This interview was with the architectural critic and theorist Jeff Kipnis following the publication of his new book, Jeff Kipnis, A Question of Qualities: Essays in Architecture (MIT Press, 2013). The interview ranged across Kipnis’ theoretical stance but delved in particular into his contributions to theories of affect in architecture.

  • “But my thinking is so undisciplined and my goal, absolutely, is not to produce a following. In fact, it’s the last thing I want, is a following.”

  • “Europe’s old so they’re interested in memory. The United States isn’t old, so it’s interested in meaning.”

  • “The question is not who owns the Maison Dom-Ino diagram […] but what is the Maison Dom-Ino. And it turns out to be everybody owns it in its own way…”

  • “I thought the whole idea of a new ontology was born from a Sally painting I had in my gallery.”

  • “I’m late on everybody and I like being late on everybody. […] For example, I cannot abide the paintings of the South African superstar Julie Mehretu, but I’m sure in fifteen years, it’ll hit me.”

  • “There’s not a whole lot of lost secrets. But one of the lost secrets in Leonardo is how he got his sfumato so perfect.”

  • “This idea that something’s over with is about the dumbest thing in the arts I’ve ever heard of.”

  • “Freud […] said there were two parts to a dream. One was its meaning, and the other one was its affect. And so both of those were structured interpretations of the core wish.”

  • “There is such a thing as a phenomenology, it’s just not the religion that people would like […] There is no prestructured, precognitive condition.”

  • “I thought I was completing the poststructuralist linguistic theory of architecture which had worked out the problem of the sign and needed to finish the problem of the affect…”

  • “The idea of an architectural effect, the irreducible, irreproducible architectural effect, which I am part of introducing, came directly from my reading Mark Wigley’s White Walls. Which I thought was such a good book that I had to figure out some theory to defeat it.”



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