K. Daniel Perlin – Deep Listening

This is an experimental sound piece by Daniel Perlin, a sound artist living and working in New York. It is an exploration of deep listening based upon Pauline Oliversos’s book Software for People: Collected Writings 1963-1980 (Sharon: Smith Publications, 1984)

  • “Today we’re going to engage in a project together which involves a loose relationship to a concept developed by Pauline Oliveros called ‘deep listening.’”

  • “A lot of her work in improvisation came around the concept of being both aware of what’s around you, your awareness, and at the same time the attention that you give to it determines that awareness.”

  • “What I would encourage us to do, is to think of ways that we can describe sounds. And the best way, I’ve found, to do that is to do what’s intuitive to each of us.”

  • “And when I say, ‘done,’ […] you’re going write down, from memory, what you heard.”

  • “What we’re trying to do is develop a language, a common language, so that we can describe for ourselves, as well as share with others, our listening.”



Daniel Perlin

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