Open Call for Architectural Theory Texts

The Architecture Exchange is soliciting nominations for the most significant architectural theory texts in the period between 2008 and 2024. Please share with us your nominations for up to five texts (including your own if you wish). We are looking for texts by architects, architectural educators, architectural theorists, critics and historians that have either been influential and consequential or which make strong arguments and speak to the most important issues of our time (even if they are more obscure). Above all, we are seeking nominations of texts that connect larger ideas (political, social, historical, cultural, and economic) to issues facing architectural design (including issues of method, style, drawing, composition, materiality, construction, design intention etc). We are especially interested in texts that speak to the following topics: queerness; gender; blackness; disability; climate change and sustainability; post-colonialism and decolonialism; social justice; media change; and AI. All nominations are due before June 15th 2024 at 6pm EST. We will share the results shortly afterwards.

  • Please tell us your name and contact details in the fields below.
  • Please complete provide us with the full citation for up to five nominated texts, including: the author’s name, the title of the article or chapter, the title of the journal or book, any volume or issue numbers for the journal, the publisher and date, and the page numbers. For example, Elise Iturbe, “Architecture and the Death of Carbon Modernity” Log 47 (2019): 11-23
  • If you have a pdf copy of the text, please upload it alongside your nominations.

Upload PDFs here. You can upload up to 5 pdfs at a time.

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